Awards & Recognition Committee


The Awards & Recognition Committee is responsible for identifying and recognizing outstanding contributions by NAEPSDP members to the association and the profession. The Committee is made up of a Committee Chair, a Committee Co-Chair/Vice-Chair, and committee members from the paid membership of the association, including former award recipients when feasible. The Committee works closely with the Board, Regional Representatives and members to identify deserving individuals. Award winners are recognized annually at the Annual Meeting of the association.

 2016 Awards & Recognition Annual Plan of Work

 2016 Awards & Recognition Committee Report

Awards & Recognition Committee Members

Joe Hunnings, Chair (Southern Region)
Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension

Debra Davis (Southern Region) 
Professor Emeritus, Louisiana State University

Nancy Franz (North Central Region)
Retired, Iowa State University Extension

Linda Marie Manton (Western Region)
Retired, University of California

Teresa McCoy (Northeast Region)
University of Maryland Extension

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